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Whether you are a brand new driver or a veteran, a traffic stop is never a pleasant experience.  Points assessed against your driver’s license can be involved and could limit your ability to drive.  Speeding Tickets are the most common form of traffic violation and can result in 2-3 points being assessed on your driving record. At times we can help you avoid having those points assessed against you.

speeding ticket lawyer central mo randolph county missouriBecause of Missouri traffic law and the potential for serious consequences to your driving record, we recommend that you consult a Randolph County Missouri traffic violation lawyer before pleading guilty or paying a fine on a traffic ticket.

Simply paying the fine for a traffic ticket will almost always go on your driving record, and may lead to a license suspension or revocation and may cause your insurance rates to increase.

The court’s job is to decide all cases as the law requires, which should make driving safe, and help people obey the law. You need to know your rights and the meaning of words that are used in court BEFORE you go to court. Then you can better understand court operations and be ready for court when you get there.

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